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History of our Logo

Welcome to the evolution of our logo

Welcome to the Evolution of our Logo.

You may find it amusing, or even dumb, but we like it so here it is...

Our current logo.

Here is the current logo
We used a very good good company. Webcore Design
www.webcoredesign.co.uk.com you can find them on ebay.

This company did many updates, re-do's and adjustments.
I am very happy and would recommend them in a minute.


Here are the 3 prints to choose from. Did I make the right choice? I was torn on the middle one.

Here is an upgrade from the last Logo. It looked better than the last logo, but we were still not 100% happy.
Sweet car... though

  I was getting crazy and trying to get some flames in the logo.


 I had the logo from below digitized from

www.glendale-embroidmenow.com  I brought them the picture below and they did a great job fixing my mistakes.

They also made some awesome shirts and hats for us... 


Here is my drawing and my vision for the logo. I did my best, but I was not 100% happy.

This is the first logo when making a break from only one website www.teamdavisracing.com  not the greatest job...



Before having a separate website  www.tdr09.com we worked hard to come up with these 2.


My nephew and fellow teammate drew this one as a joke. He is a very funny guy and did a great job on this one for a shock joke. Thanks Torey Jr.
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