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SPONSORS - Past and Present

SPONSORS - Past and Present

Sponsors of Steve Davis
 Trophys of Steve Davis  tdr09 First main win  Steves first win  Trophys of Steve Davis

Current Sponsors                                                                                                  

You guys at Prattster Graphics did an amazing job making my car look great.. They have made many stickers for my team over the years... thanks
Peter D Motorsports
I bought my car from Peter. He has taken car of me ever since. He knows my car and has great quality parts and advice.  Thanks Peter
Cycle Dynamics
Cycle Dynamics is an amazing shop. Steve has made my Dwarf race car the fastest on the track. I believe that he knows more about making the engines we use go fast, than anyone else around. He is honest and cares about his customers. Thanks so much Steve
Maverick Racing
You guys were a big help. You set my car up where no-one else could. You helped me with getting some hard to find parts and were good friends.. Thanks Guys...

www.c4life.com or Consequences 4 Life, Inc This business has donated much needed cash to my racing efforts.. I love you

www.shoprx4life.com has given me some extra monies to spend as needed. Even when I had spent my last dime racing, they gave me a vacation... I have to say  Thanks
Team Davis Racing
Team Davis is a great Team... I could not have accomplished anywhere near my results without : Dad, Torey, Tad. It was so much fun having the 3 Davis boys together (Brittle Brothers) racing and kicking ass as a team....
Leighton is a great friend and supporter. He has donated to the team when we were down and out. He saved our team. What a great friend and fan. He has made it to almost every race since we met.  Leighton I could never thank you enough....

 Click here for PDF file that explains our complete program
  Sponsor Program 2010    <--- Click  LOOK HERE ALSO ..www.sponsorhouse.com/members/tdr09com

Past Sponsors of my Racing---                                                                                       

I believe that once a sponsor, always a sponsor. If you have helped my racing efforts I will appreciated you forever..... Thanks Everyone!!!  I could not have accomplished my goals without you..  Steve

Team Apache
Apache sponsored us for several years through motocross and this transferred to Dwarf car racing (due to the fact that we use motorcycle engines. You guys saved us a bundle.... We were proud to have you as a sponsor.
Maxima racing Lubricants
Maxima, what an amazing sponsor. I enjoyed your support for years. You have the best products. It takes great products when you are pushing your equipment to the limits. We loved your hats, shirts and your help. Thank you so much... I would love to be sponsored by you again with my Dwarf car racing ...
Yamaha World
Yamaha World was a dealer that supported us for years.. The owner raced in the old-timers and we always made fun on him.  Who knew we would be racing in the old-timers class.. We bought 4 race bikes from Yamaha World and enjoyed 40% off parts for years. I have loved Yamaha for years and would ride one today...
This Dealership went out of business...
Krause Racing

Krause racing gave me support help for one year and provided me with cool sprockets and chains.. you tend to go through many of these in motocross. Thanks so much


Arizona Racing Academy 
az race academy
I owe my entire style of riding and most of my accomplishments from the skills I learned from Bill... This academy I was proud to ride for. I started being more consistent and kicking ass after Bill showed me how to ride. He had to cut years out of the learning process... Bill is no longer with us.. Bill you meant a-lot to me and my brothers.. Thank you so much. Some day we will team up again and have a great time. I am sure he is still looking over me and teaching me..

lop racing
lop racing entry card
LOP racing was an amazing sponsor. I am very proud to be one of their team riders. They took so good care of me and my brothers.... I wish I still had some of their shirt and hats.. We were treated like factory riders and they did a great job porting my heads just before Ponca City nationals. You can see the gate pass that they provided to me and my brothers. We loved LOP and we let everyone know it. I wonder how many people still have their LOP cards like I do???

Team Green sponsorship
Making the switch from years of Yamaha to Kawasaki was scary to me. I adapted quickly do to the fact that they are great bikes.. and man are they fast... The fastest and most reliable motors I have ever experienced. I enjoyed deep discounts as you can see by the picture. Cost + 20% is really the posted price minus 60% Team green is a great team to ride for.. Thank you guys for all the support and help... I was proud to be part of your team. Thank you Team Green!!

B&G Markets
B&G Markets. I think they are out of business.. Thanks anyway.

Motorcycle and Marine  (out of business)

I have to thank my family...
Dad - my number 1 fan and supporter. hours of work and my best friend.
Mom - always letting us take on racing without stopping us
Torey - support with Dwarf car racing
Tad - I love spending time with you riding, racing etc... Thanks for all your support
Nancy - Thanks for all the amazing pictures.. It took a while to train you, but man, you learned what we liked and took it to another level...

skating with LOP gear on
Riding the quarter pipe with my LOP shirt on... I wear my sponsors stuff proudly and EVERYWHERE 
SPONSOR4 - Gold Package # 4

SPONSOR4 - Gold Package # 4



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