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Self Hypnosis for Race Car Drivers

Self Hypnosis for Race Car Drivers

Self Hypnosis for Race Car Drivers

&HYPNOSIS MIND TRAINING for race car drivers
Self Hypnosis for Racing

Have teamed up to give you an amazing advantage in life and in sports. Hypnosis has been around for centuries. We at www.tdr09.com have been using the Self Hypnosis and subliminal tapes for years. We believe that the mind is the most powerful tool we have been given to solve our problems, whether they be physical, emotional or mental.

Steve Davis subliminal I ordered the Custom-Made Hypnosis Recording sports tape from Craig and it was done within a week, with 3 edits!!!  In this picture I downloaded the subliminal and car version of the personalized racing program on my MP3 sunglasses. This way, I can train my mind to WIN anywhere. I worked hard to help write the script for this program I am proud to have helped to make the sessions available and help to train more winners. (This is only available to racers NOT in my racing club) ha ha.. I would like to have an amazing advantage for a while. This mp3 version is available now. This program is an Exclusive offer, not to be found anywhere else.
Steve Davis, Peoria AZ, American race car driver member of the (Desert Dwarf Car Club)

My first experience with the tapes was a little spooky. I won my heat race by 15 car lengths..(the tape covers winning with plenty of room) The track was wet and slick, but I couldn't tell.. (the tape covers getting traction where no one else can) I came from 9th place to first in the main event.. (the tape covers passing the competition with ease) all was going great, till my motor blew... Ok, keeping the motor from blowing up was not in the program. I was not shaken by drivers spinning in from of me and nearly hitting me.. I missed each accident like I was predicting it. On the way home, I received a phone call from a fan that wanted to buy me a motor... (the tape covers attracting sponsors). I felt like I was taking control of my future and taking steps to make it happen my way, instead of relying on luck or fate. I will be using my self hypnosis tapes for other areas of my life. 

Steve Davis... Peoria AZ

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